About The BoltSafe product
BoltSafe – measures bolt load accurately

The BoltSafe product line allows us to quickly show you when the correct bolt force has been achieved during assembly and/or if the correct bolt force is still present. The BoltSafe washer is placed under the nut and while tightening it measures the actual bolt force.

External factors are eliminated

With BoltSafe you can precisely determine the torque needed to achieve the pre-calculated bolt force. External factors that have an influence on the coefficient of friction can be ignored because the force is measured directly in the bolt. After fastening, the actual bolt force can be monitored to avoid excessive strain and costly inspections. For more information - please visit Boltsafe Website

Examples of problematic situations where BoltSafe offers the solution:
  1. Flange leaks due to improper or uneven distribution of the bolt force
  2. Expensive inspection and tightening procedures for highly stressed bolt connections in cranes and wind turbines
  3. For determining the best tool or the best tightening method for the job
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